Eartune Fidelity UF-S

Universal-fit Foam Ear Tips for Galaxy Buds Pro
Made-to-fit Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro exclusively. The memory retention properties of the foam ear tips provide superior comfort and noise isolation. 3-pairs in 1-pack.
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Supreme Comfort and Isolation
ADV. Eartune Fidelity UF-S memory foam ear tips have memory retention properties that allow them to sit comfortably inside your ear, providing a superior comfort and noise isolation.

Made to Fit
The Eartune Fidelity UF-S memory foam ear tips are designed to fit inside Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro's charging case without interfering with charging.

3-Pairs in 1-Pack
Three pairs are included in one pack, providing ample replacements in case the ear tips are torn or lost.


What's Included

  • All size (S/M/L) - 1 pair of small / 1 pair of medium / 1 pair of large Eartune Fidelity UF-S foam ear tips



Eartune Series Eartune Fidelity Eartune Fidelity UF Eartune Fidelity UF-A Eartune Fidelity UF-TWS
Fitment Type Custom-fit Universal-fit Universal-fit Universal-fit
Material Medical Silicone Memory-foam Memory-foam Memory-foam
Compatibility TWS, Earphones & IEM Earphones & IEM Apple AirPods Pro TWS Earphones
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