What is Eartune?

Custom-fit ear tips and plugs

Eartune Hunt

Custom-fit electronic shooter plugs that suppresses sudden burst of sound combined with ambient awareness.

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Eartune Fidelity

Custom-fit ear tips made for your universal earphones to transform it into a custom earphones.

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Eartune Live

Custom-fit ear plugs incorporate an acoustic filter that reduce noise while preserving sound quality.

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Eartune Aqua

Custom-fit ear plugs with a waterproof filter that blocks water but lets the sound in.

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Eartune Impulse

Custom-fit ear plugs with a passive acoustic filter for impulse noise suppression.

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Eartune Dream

Custom-fit ear plugs made for maximum comfort and low profile ideal for sleeping.

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Placing your order

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Step 2-1

Taking your ear impression

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Step 2-2

Taking your ear impression at home (optional)

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Step 3

Sending your ear impression


Depending on the back-orders, the delivery lead time may extend up to 3 weeks after receiving your ear impression. We recommend that you inquire the production lead time prior to placing your order. Due to the nature of the custom-fit manufacturing process, refunds are not accepted. Our standard manufacture's warranty covers manufacturing defect up to 3-year after purchase. Take note that the shape of your ear canal may change due to growth / aging, and your custom-fit product may need to be re-made after 2-3 years from the manufacturing date. We will accept refit-claim resulting from poor fitment within the 30 days of delivery. Please make sure to contact us via info@eartune.com to begin refit process.

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