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Yes. It’s easy and you can check the video tutorial HERE.

The Eartune Fidelity tips are made with medical-grade silicone.

No, the Eartune Fidelity tips are custom made and moulded specific to your IEM’s to securely stay in one position.

No, the Eartune Fidelity tips are not universal. Even if some IEM’s appear to share similar nozzle sizes, we recommend to order the Eartune Fidelity tips specifically for each IEM.

The Eartune Fidelity tips are proudly made in the USA. They have a short lead-time of 2-3 weeks after your ear impressions are received.

Yes, for most IEM’s. Please send us an e-mail if you don't see your IEM to HERE.

The Eartune Fidelity tips are made with medical grade silicone, which has a usable life of 5 years. However, many of our customers are on their 7th and 8th year of usage.

Gently rinse the Eartune Fidelity tips with warm water and mild neutral soap. Then rinse with clean water and let dry completely before use.

Each pair of the Eartune Fidelity tips come with a carrying case. When not in use, we recommend storing them away in the provided carrying case.

Yes, there’s no problem exposing the Eartune Fidelity tips to water, air or light. Please note, however, the Eartune Fidelity tips do NOT make your IEM waterproof.

They are made proudly in the USA, with shorter lead-time of 2-3 weeks. Since we would already have your impressions on file from the first purchase, you do not need to send us another set of ear impressions.

Yes, you can find more information HERE.

Please contact us HERE and we will get back to you.

Currently, we only provide the colors listed on the website.

Currently, we do not provide this service.

Please see the information HERE.

Yes, we take orders worldwide. Contact us HERE if you have any questions.

No, Eartune Fidelity tips are made with medical grade silicone which will expand and contract minimally with different climate.

Not necessarily. If you have a medical need pertaining to your ears, then see the appropriate doctor or specialist. Otherwise, you can make an appointment and the licensed individual will assess your ear canal during the impression appointment.

Itchy ears can mean multiple things. The first thing you want to do is to clean your Eartune Fidelity tips with soap and water to ensure their cleanliness. Don’t use rubbing alcohol or harsh detergents as they can break down the silicone over time.

A little bit of soreness is normal in the first week of wearing the Eartune Fidelity tips. Your ear canal should get accustomed to them within a week. However, if the soreness persists please email us HERE.

The Eartune Fidelity tips are highly recommended for this use since they will improve noise isolation.

No, with proper use of the Eartune Fidelity tips there’s no risk of damaging the IEM. Please check the video tutorial HERE.

Place the order under your name and leave us a note; and send us his/her ear impressions.

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