Eartune Fidelity U

Elliptical Audiophile IEM Ear Tips
Oval-shaped ear tips contour the natural shape of human ear canal, resulting in an unprecedented comfort and acoustic transparency. An audiophile's true companion.
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Elliptical Ergonomic Design
Ellipse-shaped ear tips contour the natural shape of human ear canal after studying 100's of thousands of actual human ear impression, providing maximum comfort and seal for prolonged listening session - in comparison to nearly every other circular ear tips in the market.

Wide-Exit-Bore Design
The Eartune Fidelity U tips are acoustically designed to channel sound in the most transparent way with zero compromise in the original sound signature by maximizing acoustic mass through its Wide-Exit-Bore (WEB) design.

Supreme Comfort and Isolation
The Eartune Fidelity U tips are made from soft 100% hypoallergenic silicone, perfect for supreme comfort and maximum isolation. They do not cause itching or allergic reactions like other plastic or PVC material.

Wide Compatibility
The nozzle diameter of 4mm, combined with stretchy flexible silicone allows maximum compatibility of Eartune Fidelity U tips for wide range of in-ear monitors with nozzle diameter ranging from 4mm to 6mm. Four (4) different sizes allow you to choose the exact fit for your ear.

3-Pairs in 1-Pack
Three pairs are included in one pack, providing ample replacements in case the ear tips are torn or lost.


What's Included

  • 3 pairs of Eartune Fidelity U tips




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Fitment Type Custom-fit Universal-fit Universal-fit
Material Medical Silicone Silicone Memory-foam
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