Eartune Hook U

Secure-fit Ear Hooks for AirPods 3
The ultimate upgrade kit for AirPods 3: secure ear hooks + carrying pouch for ear hooks + silicone carrying case for AirPods 3 with carabiner.
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Fitment Type






Secure-Fit Ear Hooks
AirPods 3 falling out? Eartune Hook U fixes that. The form fitting, ergonomic ear hooks provide secure fit of AirPods 3 in your ear while you work out - plus - stay comfortable for a long time.

Convenient Stow-away Solution
The convenient silicone carrying pouch for the hooks allow you to conveniently store the hooks when they are not in use. It's the perfect way to carry the hooks with you everywhere.

Carrying Case with Carabiner
Color-matching silicone carrying case for AirPods 3 is included. Built-in carabiner helps you daily-carrying AirPods 3 with the Eartune Hook U.

Made for AirPods 3
The entire package is designed exclusively for AirPods Pro, ensuring perfect, snug fit.


What's Included

  • 1 pair of Eartune Hook U
  • 1 carrying pouch for Eartune Hook U
  • 1 silicone carrying case for AirPods 3
  • 1 carabiner


ABOUT Eartune

Hearing protection and enhancement devices specialist based in New York.

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